Google Places Reviews Explained

When you consider that Google is the number one site on the world-wide web, there is no denying that Google can be a very powerful marketing tool for your business . . . and there is no reason for you not to set up shop on Google’s business block – Google Places.  One feature of your Google Places listing that can exponentially increase your customer base is Google Places Reviews.  Want to know how Google Places Reviews works?  Here is a guide:

What is Google Places Reviews?  First, it helps to understand what Google Places is.  Google Places can be thought of as an extension of Google Maps – or a way of increasing Google Maps interactivity.  Basically, every location on Google Maps links to its own Google Places page, so that you can access everything you need to know about a business simply by clicking on its corresponding spot on Google Maps (or by clicking the Places page link in Google Search results).  A Google Places business listing is like a yellow pages listing on steroids, including not just business information, but also everything from driving directions to videos about your business.  Google Places Reviews is just what it sounds like: the area of your Google Places listing where your customers can post their reviews for all the virtual world to see.

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3 Ways You Can Get Your Customers to Write Reviews for Your Business

The world of Internet marketing is complex and varied.  It used to be that having a business website was enough to attract the attention of new customers.  However, these days your web marketing approach must be as multifaceted as the web, itself.  One new(ish) frontier that is revolutionizing the way customers find and evaluate businesses is that of online business reviews.  There are a number of popular sites that exist as forums for posting these reviews – including Yelp, Google Places, Urban Spoon, Bing, Foursquare, and many more – and your business should be using these sites to its advantage.  In addition to registering your business with these sites, you also need to be encouraging people to post their reviews.  How do you do that?  Here are three ways you can get your customers to write reviews for your business:

Ask for them.  Any time you know that you have made a customer or client happy is a great opportunity to ask for a review.  Also, make good use of your mailing lists by sending requests for reviews.  This can be done via telephone, email or snail mail, or you may even include a request for reviews (with links to review sites) on your business website.

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3 Ways to Protect Your Online Reputation

When it comes to business marketing, one of the most important things to consider is your online reputation.  Remember that 90 percent of all consumers search the Internet to look for products and services; therefore, what those consumers find online about your business will determine whether or not they choose you over the competitors.  There are so many forums in which both happy and disgruntled customers can air their emotions about your business – including social networking sites, review sites, and blogs, among others – and it is your responsibility to manage what is being said about your business.  How do you do that?  Here are three ways to protect your online reputation:

Good business practices.  Think of it this way: when you are doing things the “right” way, and acting as an upstanding business entity, it will be harder for people to say bad things about you online.  Stock your website with relevant and useful content, participate in social forums in a positive and progressive way, and exhibit good customer service practices in order to stay on peoples’ good sides.

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3 Ways Online Reviews Help Your SEO

These days, when someone is interested in a business, it is easy for that person to find a wealth of information on that business just by searching the Internet.  Not only is it possible to browse your business website to get a good idea of what you offer, buy potential customers can also use reviews of your business to make the important decision of whether or not they want to work with you.  This has very obvious implications when it comes to earning new customers . . . but did you know that online reviews can also go a long way in lending to your business website’s creditability, by strengthening its search engine optimization (SEO)?  How so?  Here are three ways online reviews can help your business SEO:

Traffic.  Simply put, having your business listed on review sites increases your online exposure.  Increased exposure means more traffic to your business website.  The more traffic your website has, the more attention it gets from search engine crawlers (those programs that find, examine, and valuate pages on websites), and the higher it will rank on search engine results lists.

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3 Helpful Tips to Make Sure Your Online Reputation is Protected

Your business’ online reputation can literally make or break your business success.  Why’s that?  Because, statistically speaking, around 90 percent of all consumers use the Internet to research businesses when they are looking for a product or service.  Your online reputation will determine whether those consumers choose you or one of your competitors.  You can also be sure that if you do not manage your online reputation, it will be managed by other people, who will inevitably post reviews, comment on your business in forums and social media sites, publish blog write-ups concerning your business, and more.  For this reason, you need to do everything you can to ensure that what people see when they find your business online is as positive as possible.  How do you do that?  Here are three helpful tips to make sure your online reputation is protected:

Monitor your reputation.  Make use of social media monitoring tools like HootSuite, and web monitoring tools like Google Alerts, to find out what others are saying about you, when they say it.  When you know what you are facing, it makes it much easier to address it in a timely manner, and also to assess your best approach.

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