How to Get More Online Reviews

How to get more online reviews

How to¬†get more online reviews?” is a question being asked more and more lately.¬†The key to having a great¬†reputation online is having¬†plenty of great 5 star reviews on¬†public review sites and¬†making sure you have as few negative reviews as possible. Providing a great product or service is the most important step of course, but getting those people to go online and post can be a different story. It’s not as easy as it sounds, so a system to automate it is the key.

There are many reasons to pursue getting reviews online, ¬†but there are TWO main reasons you should be getting as many 5 star reviews as possible…

1- Most will search and read reviews about you before hiring you or buying your products. According to, 77 percent of people seek out online reviews before making a buying decision. Who will they call, the company with 3 reviews, 30, or 300? How many do you have?

2- Review sites rank high on the search engines! When you do a Google search, sites like Angie’s List, Yelp, and others routinely come up high on page 1. In addition, when people click on those sites, they show¬†companies with multiple reviews. If you’re not taking advantage of this free marketing, you’re losing sales. Companies like Yelp spend fortunes to SEO optimize their sites. Are they showing YOUR reviews to searchers?

Automate to get more online reviews!

We can totally automate your process of getting reviews!how-to-get-more-online-rreviews

The process begins by simply asking your client or customer to “sign in”. This is something that people are used to doing and have done at countless times in the past. In a sense, people are already “conditioned” to do this. Instead of handing them a clumsy legal pad or clip board, this is done with a cell phone or tablet which is easier for your staff as well as more modern and shows that your company is “tech savvy”. ¬†They simply enter their name and info and the process is started.


Later that day, the next day, or whenever works the best for your situation the client is automatically sent a simple text asking “will you give some feedback on our service?”. (we have tested that over half of your customers will comply) To make it as easy as possible, when they click on “yes” the program will search their phone to instantly determine if they have any apps installed or are already logged in to whatever review sites we choose. It can be Yelp, Google+, Angie’s List, or any site including custom review sites for real estate agents, restaurants, dentists or any industry. They then simply click the # of stars and give you feedback. It couldn’t be any easier.

In addition, or system is setup to screen out the bad reviews and make certain that they never get posted on the public sites. If a¬†customer or client would give you a poor review, instead of them being sent to a review site, it takes them to a page where¬†they’ll answer 3 questions that will come to you instantly… what went wrong? Who was involved? How can we fix it? This is feedback you may not have got otherwise and allows you to solve a problem you may have never knew existed.

Another¬†benefit of the system is this program allows you to capture and build a list of your clients to market to later. It can also be¬†coded to sync with¬†autoresponder or email programs. Imagine capturing all of your client or customers emails or cell phone numbers and texting them a “weekly deal” every Sunday, or offering a “Tuesday special” if it looks like the days will be slow!

In addition, if your business is one that sends outside salespeople or service people to homes or other businesses,¬†you’ll have a record of exactly what time they get to the job or sales call. We can also have people “sign out” if you prefer. You can also add an option after they sign in to ask a second question like “who are you here to see”, and instantly notify someone in your back office that their patient or appointment is here and ready.

You will get access to a “back-office” you can log into and see who has completed the sign in form, who has placed reviews, etc.. It is user friendly and effective!

This is a new program and we’re seeking a small number of companies to beta test this program with us. In exchange for a great review down the road and feedback as far as any ideas or suggestions, we’ll give you the first 90 days of the program entirely FREE! We only ask you pay a small setup fee of $297.00.

We can have the system up and running for you in two weeks time, and you’ll be getting reviews faster and with less effort than ever. In fact, we’ll guarantee that you get at least 10 reviews in the next 90 days, or it’s free afterwards until you do! (you might get hundreds, depending on your type of business!)


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